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 Dear Black Sails Exchange Writer,

I love you. That is pretty much it. Please don’t stress about this fic – if it’s with one of the pairings/trio below, I’m going to love it. Plain and simple. And hey, if none of the prompts/like list work for you, feel free to ignore them. 

The only thing I do ask is that my No-Thanks list be avoided. 

No thanks: Slave worlds, demon-possession, mind control, prostitution, noncon, dubcon, character death, infidelity, love triangles/jealousy focus (I am far more fond of OT3ing it up), characters de-aged during the story (if you make one of the characters a child, make them “canon” children for that story if that makes sense), A/B/O, gangster/mob, noir settings, amnesia fics, loss of limb/amputations, mpreg, underage, gender swap, teacher/student stories, or focus on drug abuse or alcoholism. Regarding incest – I have exactly two sibling pairings that work there for me and I haven’t requested either fandom for this exchange, so please avoid that. Also, no parent/child pairings. Please no 2nd person or 1st person POVs (enjoyed them in the past - just not in the mood this year).

For M-rated fics, for triggering reasons I have to shy away from knife play/blood play/gun play (only in a sexual context – canon level plot/action violence is fine), scat, watersports, rape-as-fantasy-scenes, anal for M/F pairings, and any kind of direct blow in a sexual connotation even including spanking/flogging.

Yes Please: Post-apocalypse fic, slice of life/domestic fic, epistolary stories, teamfics, found family, crossovers/AUs/fusions (particularly coffee shop, Black Jewels trilogy, daemons, steampunk/neo-Victorian, Pern/dragonrider, Sentinel/Guide, Old West, and Pacific Rim), outsider POVs, supernatural elements, badass chicks and men who respect/lust after them for it, OT3s, fixit fics to bring back killed off characters, fics where characters have kids and are adorable parents, 5 and 1 style fics, and the “huddled together for warmth” and “stranded together alone” tropes.

I’m definitely OK with an M-rating, and for smutty fics, I particularly love dirty talk, a clear top ordering their bottom around, hair-pulling, restraint i.e.: ropes/shibari/handcuffs/holding partner down, wall sex, shower sex, cramped vehicular sex, biting/marking (without major blood being drawn), mate bonds, “OMG we didn’t die” sex, and “sharing body heat” leading to sex.


1.      relationship: Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones

Let’s be honest, if you decided to write for this pairing, then you probably are already on this little rowboat of a ship with me and don’t need my spiel about these two in particular. So how about some prompts instead? I’m thrilled I actually have some to offer – usually I just babble and hope my writer is inspired lol.

-AU where Billy really is someone she might have known back in England. Bookish Abigail keeps buying journals & stationary at the same printer’s shop for reasons, and society ends up scandalized when the daughter of a governor forms an attachment to the son of a Leveler.

-Billy courting Abigail be in in an AU in England or in Nassau. Is he good at it? Is he rubbish at it? Is he so painfully adorable that we (and Abigail) don’t care either way?

-Modern AU firefighter!Billy. I’ll admit I’ve written a fill for this prompt before, but I just don’t think there can be enough of it LOL.

-Abigail climbing Billy like a tree because smut is always acceptable.


2.      relationship: Abigail Ashe/Charles Vane

Raised a gentlewoman but clearly a little bloodthirsty and less intimidated by pirates than she should be Abigail just GETS ME. Her response to Vane of “Good” will never fail to be delightfully chilling, and I can see that steel in her definitely catching Charles’s attention. Without Eleanor there to blind him with their tumultuous history and sexual attention, I can see that bit of intrigued growing into a grudging respect and later into attraction. However you get them back in the same location, whether the crew finds Abigail during the sacking of Charles Town and takes her with them on the ship or if she finds her way to Nassau due to her reputation being ‘ruined’ in the eyes of society – I’m really not picky on the details. I just want to see these two together. Also pirate!Abigail would definitely be something I’d enjoy for this pairing for sure!


3.      relationship: Billy Bones/Charles Vane

Competency kink for the win here. I’m still not over the fact that, as Anne says, “A lot of men done a lot of stupid shit to hear Charles Vane call them proper pirate” while Billy only had to be himself to earn that respect and regard.

While I’d love anything with these two, canon AUs in particular could have so much potential: whether it’s Billy taking Charles’ offer to join his crew after Charles Town or even Billy managing to save Charles from hanging after all – creating instead of a martyr for the cause, a legend: the pirate who was hanged and survived it (since he was dangling there a while, I could easily see Billy & Jacob & company starting a riot to get to him before he strangles completely maybe).


4.      relationship: Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones/Charles Vane

And I doubt anyone who knows me is surprised by this – but my answer to any ships where I can see multiple pairings/connections of the same few folks is, of course, to just trio them all together! And hey Black Sails is a canon threesomes fandom so I think adding another OT3 just makes it even better, don’t you? No specific details for this one, though I do have one prompt I’ve been craving forever.

-The Walking Dead AU. I have no idea why that specific scenario sounds so fun for this trio; it just does. All other characters as survivors definitely welcome just as long as these three are the chore of the story.


5.      relationship: James Flint/Madi

“A woman who shares his love of books” – le sigh!

First off, I will say that I do headcanon James as bisexual as opposed to only gay, so please feel free to go the smutty route with these two if you wish – I am fully on board with that. Otherwise, I just heart their final respect so so much, and I want all of Madi following in Miranda and Thomas’s footsteps to seduce James with fiction. Literary love stories (be they epistolary or otherwise) for the win!

I’m also a little intrigued with the fact that for all John was constantly harping on how much he trusted James and was his friend to Madi, it is only after his influence is removed that Madi finally starts to respect James on his own. It can be argued that they were merely mourning together, but there was a connection there that happened so so quickly that part of me wonders if John wasn’t subconsciously dropping details or hints in order to convince Madi not to trust James all along prior to his ‘death.’ We know Silver can be selfish in love, and I wonder if he was being selfish with keeping the two people he loved from loving each other (and thereby possibly losing his position as ‘most important’ with both of them) without realizing/acknowledging it. That perspective could be a very interesting one to play with as James and Madi grow closer together. 


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