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You are amazing. I want to tell you that up front, because you are. 

Please don’t stress about this assignment. Just the fact that you are writing for any of these fandoms in the first place will make me ridiculously happy. Also, I just love gifts in general, so I’ll be chuffed to get a prize of any shape and size. I know this letter is ridiculously long as again I love these fandoms, but don’t let that scare you off. 

If none of the prompts/like list work for you, feel free to ignore them. 

The only thing I do ask is that my No-Thanks list be avoided. 

No Thanks:  
Slave worlds, demon-possession, mind control, prostitution, noncon, dubcon, character death, infidelity, love triangles/jealousy focus (I am far more fond of OT3ing it up), characters de-aged during the story (if you make one of the characters a child, make them “canon” children for that story if that makes sense), A/B/O, gangster/mob, noir settings, amnesia fics, loss of limb/amputations, mpreg, underage, gender swap, teacher/student stories, or focus on drug abuse or alcoholism. Regarding incest – I have exactly two sibling pairings that work there for me and I haven’t requested either fandom for this exchange, so please avoid that. Also, no parent/child pairings. Please no 2nd person or 1st person POVs except for the Innkeeper Chronicle request (enjoyed them in the past - just not in the mood this year for the other fandoms).
  For M-rated fics, for triggering reasons I have to shy away from knife play/blood play/gun play (only in a sexual context – canon level plot/action violence is fine), scat, watersports, rape-as-fantasy-scenes, anal for M/F pairings, and any kind of direct blow in a sexual connotation even including spanking/flogging.

Yes Please:
Post-apocalypse fic, slice of life/domestic fic, epistolary stories, teamfics, found family, crossovers, AUs (particularly coffee shop, Black Jewels trilogy, daemons, steampunk/neo-Victorian, Sentinel/Guide, Old West, and Pacific Rim fusions), outsider POVs, supernatural elements, badass chicks and men who respect/lust after them for it, OT3s, fixit fics to bring back killed off characters, fics where characters have kids and are adorable parents, 5 and 1 style fics.  I’m definitely OK with an M-rating, and for smutty fics, I particularly love dirty talk, a clear top ordering their bottom around, hair-pulling, restraint i.e.: ropes/shibari/handcuffs/holding partner down, wall sex, shower sex, cramped vehicular sex, biting/marking (without major blood being drawn), mate bonds, “OMG we didn’t die” sex, and “sharing body heat” leading to sex.

NOTE: I am VERY picky about my slash pairings and usually prefer Het or femmeslash with only a few exceptions which aren’t included in this request. If you are a slasher and not a fan of the pairings suggested, please go the gen route. I know my requests are pretty shippy, but I am ALWAYS good with friend/found family fics.

NOTE ABOUT CROSSOVERS: Since I included it last year and would be on board this year too, I wanted to mention crossovers between any of these fandoms would be awesome if that’s your thing. I think the fandoms below could have some really cool crossover potential, especially with the Innkeeper Chronicles!


Northmen: A Viking Saga Asbjorn, Inghean (Single movie)

Tom Hopper pulled me into this teeny tiny fandom (No really – there are 7 fics. SEVEN. And I’ve written half of them LOL) after Black Sails moved him to the top of my fandom boyfriend list. I gotta admit, it’s such a terrible movie objectively, but it totally appeals to my love of questionable action movies.

We get all the Tom Hopper biceps you might hope for in his character (and the lead) Asbjorn, though sadly he never takes the shirt completely off. As the leader of the exiled and shipwrecked Vikings, he’s awesomely competent and has mad chemistry with the one female lead (in the entire film sadly), Inghean. She is a Scottish princess the Vikings kidnap in hopes of ransom only to discover her father prefers to see her dead than pay for her safe return. She also is the source of the one fantasy element in the film: an earth sense that warns her when the group is in danger.

All in all, I just desperately want a post-movie fic with these two. The movie ended so very abruptly, and there was so much more of the story hanging. How do they all survive the long boat? Do they ever find safety? Is it at the Viking encampment they hoped to find? Does Inghean’s earth sense end up more under control or cause people to see her as a witch? Will Inghean and Asbjorn EVER do more than stare at each other longingly? LOL


The Innkeeper Chronicles – Ilona Andrews Any (3 books so far)

Ilona Andrews basically owns my readerly soul LOL. I mainlined through everything they’ve written last fall & have devoured every new book that has come out since them. The Innkeeper Chronicles series is definitely my fave though. Really what’s not to love about an intergalactic Bed and Breakfast? I put “any” for character choices because honestly I really love all of the characters in this story, including the inn itself, Gertrude Hunt which DEFINITELY feels like a character all on its own. Just FYI tho, I ship the canon ships, so please no Dina/Arland or Sean/Maude stories if at all possible.

So, prompt/concepts I’m excited about: I’d love to have a 1st POV fic ala the books (though from any character you like – Dina, of course, is always a win as the book’s POV character, but I’m game for a look into anyone’s head!), & I’d like it mostly set in and around Gertrude Hunt since the inn is a delight. Domestic fic in particular would make me super happy here. We always see Dina in a panic, but rarely get those calm moments of life running like normal or even with a guest that ISN’T close to causing an intergalactic incident. Are Arland, Maude, and Helen visiting for a holiday? Have Dina & Sean finally made it official & started bonding Sean to the end? Is Orro in a tizzy? Does Caldenia have a visitor who ISN’T trying to claim a bounty for once? Of course, if you do want to write an actiony fic I’d be happy to read that as well. Seriously run wild – this series just makes me happy in general LOL

Oh! BTW, I would TOTALLY be thrilled to have a crossover with any of the other Ilona Andrews series as long as it’s taking place in the Innkeeper universe. I mean, it’s already canon that Edge verse characters have made it there, but what about a visit from Julie & Derek ala the Kate Daniels books? Or one of Nevada’s sisters & cousins from the Hidden Legacy books? I think that would be a TON of fun for sure. (Hell, now that I think about it – a crossover with any of the other fandoms I’ve requested would also be a blast. This fandom just totally works for crossover fics in general I think!)


Kong: Skull Island James Conrad, Mason Weaver (Single movie)

Oh yeah, I shipped it. I shipped it HARD. Honestly, I’ve never quite gotten the appeal of Tom Hiddleston, but oh holy hells this movie convinced me! Conrad and Weaver’s chemistry was fantastic, and I loved how well they worked together. My competency kink was definitely tingling every single scene they had together. I think what I really want is post-movie fic for this one. Do they drift apart and find their way back to each other during another strange creature related incident? Do they join Monarch & get read into the Godzilla insanity? Just give me these two confident badasses together facing the world after learning that it was so much bigger in some places than they ever knew.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword The Mage (Single movie)

I both loved and hated this movie. Most of it was so right up my alley I could hardly stand it, but I have to admit I was disappointed by the way ladies were fridged right & left, and that The Mage didn’t even merit a name. So, I want her story. Who is she really? I thought her to be Nimue, but I know some people see her as Guinevere. Could she be Morgana? I want to know who she is and why she risked so much for Arthur, especially if Merlin was dead and gone. Hell, who even was Merlin to her? Just a leader of her people or more? Feel free to ship her if you like! I’m game for Mage/Arthur or even Mage/Maggie or Mage & one of the brothel girls. Femmeslash, as always, is definitely welcome. I’m game for the rest of the cast making appearances too, but she should be the focus. Just give me awesome Mage fic. That’s all I ask. 


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